Jerry's Views & North Carolina News

Voter Rights & Equality

Jerry Langley cares that your voter rights are respected and protected.  Serving on a majority Republican Board of Commissioners, he knows the value of fair exchange of ideas reaching consensus that best serves the public and not special interest.  That power of listening was evidenced in the Board's unanimous adoption of a resolution to  legislature's change to the way we elect Judges, an agenda item brought to the board by Jerry Langley.  Click to find see the state's most recent news on this issue. 


Our State Board of Election has a powerful vision for our children's education.  The Legislature must do a better job of funding that vision. We need a strong voice from Eastern North Carolina to take the message that the legislator's formulas for allocating funds to our schools, just don't work for small rural schools.  They don't work for struggling local governments who are forced to close local community schools and direct resources to fund positions that the state requires but fails to fund.  They don't work when local governments are forced to complement the state's plan and renders us unable to provide our teachers with much deserved salary supplements.   During our great Governor James Hunt's tenure, North Carolina was hailed as "the Education State".  We can no longer say that with pride when you drop from 16th to 40th in Education rankings.

Environment & Economic Development

Environment is our passion.  Beaufort and Craven County are situated in areas with unique blends of farmland, and sensitive waterways.  They are the life blood of our economic development.  Jerry Langley supports initiatives that preserve our natural beauty and serve to entice people to visit and even retire in our safe and picturesque hamlets.. We support Governor Cooper in his fight to preserve our coast. 

If It Matters To You, It Matters To Jerry Langley

Jerry is constantly working to improve the lives of children.  Recently he participated in a summit of "100 Counties Helping Our  Children Thrive"./